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Individual/Joint Account

To open an Individual account, you have the choice of using an electronic application or printing out and faxing the Metex Trading  Agreement. The electronic application is more convenient for most clients. Regardless of format, the application will be processed within two business days. 

                              All Applications: 
                              Metex  requires a copy of 2 forms of identification in order to approve your application. One of the forms of identification must contain your address as represented on the Metex Trading Agreement.  The copies should be FAXED with the ID fax cover  sheet to: 514-337-7435.

                              To open an account, a minimum initial deposit of $2,000 is required by  check or wire transfer. Funds received by wire are placed in the account within one business day. Certified checks and cashier's checks are also deposited in the FX account within one business day. Personal checks may take up to 10 business days to clear depending on the bank, state of origin, and amount. Once funds are  placed in a new account, FX provides login information to the trader via email. 



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