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The Forex Advantages

Global Diversification

Advantages of  FOREX is Global Diversification  Diversification creates safety, because the investment allocation is spread across a number of assets and will not be overly sensitive  to the volatility of one particular investment option. The performance of equity and fixed income investments in one country is often highly correlated to the performance of equity and fixed  income investments in other countries. As a result, global portfolios comprised solely of equity and fixed income investments lack full diversification, even if they are geographically dispersed. Investing in currencies gives investors access to markets  independent of equity and fixed income investments, providing more complete diversification and a reduction in portfolio.

Liquidity and Lower Transaction Costs

 Size can hinder performance of a fund in the equities and futures market where liquidity is limited. The currency market is the choice market for large hedge funds because it is a $1.5 trillion daily  market and can absorb trading sizes that dwarf the capacity of any other market. By trading with Refco, fund managers pay no commission or transaction fees that make it more difficult to generate profits. The combination of unlimited liquidity and low  transaction cost enhances the performance of a fund and investor

Peace of Mind 

                              Investing in currencies incorporates disciplined risk control procedures in order to limit risk and achieve the smoothest possible growth in an investor's account. Although returns are not guaranteed, money managers follow disciplined money  management techniques and systematic trading approaches. With a managed funds account, investors can distance themselves from the stress of trading yet benefit by the opportunity for profit.

Minimum Investment is only $5,000 US.

For more information please call us:  514-389-7447 or send an e-mail. 


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