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Forex Trading Robot

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G A I N   C A P I T A L

GAIN Capital Group Overview

GAIN Capital Group is the premier independent provider of foreign exchange services, including direct access trading and asset management.
Founded in 1999 by Wall Street veterans, GAIN is now one of the largest, most respected firms in the industry, servicing clients from more than 110 countries around the globe, including fund managers, Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs), and individual traders.
The size and financial strength of GAIN Capital Group supports our mission: to provide our clients with leading edge technology, best execution, exemplary customer service and complete safety of funds.
With over 200 years of capital markets experience, the executive management of GAIN Capital Group offers expertise in both forex trading and internet technologies and proven track records managing large, global trading operations. This depth of experience, along with a demonstrated ability to successfully manage a 24x6 business with solid risk management and operating procedures, instills in our clients a high level of trust and confidence.
GAIN Capital Group is a privately held company. Investors include respected US private equity firms Tudor Ventures, Cross Atlantic Capital Partners, Edison Ventures and Blue Rock Capital.
A registered Futures Commission Merchant (FCM), GAIN Capital Group, Inc. is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA) and is regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Interested parties can visit the NFA web site at any time to review GAIN Capital's unblemished record as an NFA member. NFA ID #0339826

Metex Invest FX Overview

Metex Investments Inc. has developed  software, which tracks Forex currency movements and makes decisions automatically based on the market action.  A computer at the other end is doing all of the analyzing and executing, therefore taking a traders worst enemy (emotion) out of the process.

        Robot is fully automated software, it is a new proprietary software tool designed to search for Forex trading opportunities. This is the only software of its kind and is revolutionizing the Forex trading industry with its amazing results. Once the criteria is met, the trader is alerted on their PC to the trade opportunity. Robot is automatically buying/selling and executing. You can trade also manually, or let do it to the system. This robot never sleeps, never takes a vacation and never asks for a raise!

Our FX Trading Robot is unique over the world
and is the leader in automated order execution systems
for the Forex Market.

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