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Corporate Account
                     A Corporate Account accommodates companies and other institutions wishing to participate in the currency markets. Corporate accounts are used to conduct trading on behalf of a corporation. Business and other institutions utilize this type of account to assist with issues of liability, diversification and facilitation of corporate interest transactions. NB: When applying for a Corporate Account, it is necessary to include the Corporate Resolution, Personal Guarantee, and Corporate Seal when submitting the application. 

To open an Corporate account, you have the choice of using an electronic application or printing out and faxing the Refco Trading  Agreement to the Metex Investments Inc.  Regardless of format, the application will be processed within two business days. 

   All Applications: 
                              Metex  requires a copy of 2 forms of identification in order to approve your application. One of the forms of identification must contain your address as represented on the Refco Trading Agreement.  The copies should be
FAXED with the
ID fax cover  sheet to:  514-337-7435.

Send us an e-mail, please, for an application!

                              To open an account, a minimum initial deposit of $10,000 is required by  check or wire transfer. Funds received by wire are placed in the account within one business day. Certified checks and cashier's checks are also deposited in the FX account within one business day. Personal checks may take up to 10 business days to clear depending on the bank, state of origin, and amount. Once funds are  placed in a new account, FX provides login information to the trader via email. 
Managed Account
                      Individuals that want to invest in the Forex market but are either unable to watch the markets 24 hours a day or prefer to have their funds managed by professionals can attain the services of an  institutional investor to trade on their behalf. 
                      Metex pre-selects respected independent money managers and hedge funds that match-up with the investor’s goals. All have a solid trading history with FX (measured by both trading performance and risk used to achieve said record) or is an industry recognized name with an audited track record.

What does this mean to you, the investors?

  • Your account is opened at the Refco and the  Royal Bank of Canada  itself, not  with Metex Investments Inc.
  • Your funds are held by Refco and the bank, not Metex, and your funds are  insured.
  • Bank lend you for each thousand US$ 100,000  to go to 1.5 Trillion Dollars Daily  Market.
  • The level playing field we created remains in place, and you can deal on live, inter bank rates.
  • Each investor is able to view their accounts in real time over the internet.
  • Money can be withdrawn at anytime without any fees or penalties.

Minimum Investment is only $5,000 US.

For more information please call us:  514-389-7447 or send an e-mail. 


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