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The prices on the FX Trading Station are not indications of where the market is trading, but actual prices at which a trader can buy or sell the currency pair. With two clicks of the mouse, FXCM clients can execute a trade at the screen price. There are several systems in the market that make a distinction between indicative quotes and executable prices. 
Although such systems show two-way prices, the client must request a quote to find out what price the trade can be executed. The FX Trading Station is superior, because it takes the mystery out of the price the client can enter or exit a trade. 
Instant Execution
The FX Trading Station provides quick order entry and instantaneous execution. There are multiple ways to initiate market orders, including hitting an express “Buy” button, or clicking the BUY/SELL price of a specific currency pair. Even under the most chaotic market conditions, orders are processed and filled within seconds. All market orders are complete fills and market orders are always executed at the quoted price. Once an order is filled, the order is displayed in the open position window immediately.  This window displays the price of the fill, and the real-time profit/loss on the position in both pip and dollar terms. In addition, stops and limits can be placed directly on the position.


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