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Day One
Lesson 1 - What is the FOREX
Factors which affect supply and demand for currency.
Speculative uses of foreign exchange markets.
Economic growth, Interest rates, Balance of payment...
Day Six
Lesson 6 - Fibonacci Retracements
Technical Analysis Lesson Focused on
the Fibonacci Retracements, Market corrections,
Elliot Wave Theory.
Day Two
Lesson 2 - Trends and Trend Lines
Uptrend & Downtrend channel, Sideways channel.
Identifying and drawing trend lines.
Types of Orders.
Day Seven
Lesson 7 - Fundamental Analysis
Two basic approaches to forecast prices,
subjective feeling, psychological approach.
GDP, Interest rate, Retail Sales, Inflation, etc.
Day Three
Lesson 3 - Support and Resistance
Technical Analysis focused on Support and Resistance,
on Highs and Lows.
Currency Pair Descriptions.
Day Eight
Lesson 8 - Trading Strategy -I
John Murphy's Ten Laws of Technical Trading,
Richard Rhode's Trading Rules,
Trading with Robot.
Day Four
Lesson 4 - Japanese Candlesticks
How to identify and trade currency base on
Candlestick charts,  Pattern recognition,
 Trade on Doji, Star and Harami position, etc.
Day Nine
Lesson 9 - Trading Strategy -II
Arthur Hill on Goals, Style and Strategy,
Moving Average Crossovers,
Trading with Robot.
Day Five
Lesson 5 - Technical Analysis
Moving  Averages,  Relative Strength Index,
MACD,  Stochastic Oscillators,
Momentum, Rate of Change, CCI,...
Day Ten
Lesson 10 - Trading Strategy -III
Cornelius Luca's Strategies,
Combination few Techniques and Strategies,
Trading with Robot.

P  R  I  C  E S

 COURSES  I.)    $650.00 CA*
(These courses are available for the people they don't have
Canadian Securities Courses, University,  and Financial background.)

COURSES  II.)  $450.00 CA**
(These courses are available for the people with Canadian
 securities Courses, University degree,
or Financial background.)

* * *
These prices include:
* The manual + free software + free charts + our support,
+ 3 weeks ( ** 2 weeks), 4 hours a day training.

* * *
* Prices  in effect until April 31, 2005
Prices are subject to change without prior notice
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