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Forex Trading Robot

Taking the Emotion
out of
Currency Trading

        Metex Investments Inc. has developed  software, which tracks Forex currency movements and makes decisions automatically based on the market action.  A computer at the other end is doing all of the analyzing and executing, therefore taking a traders worst enemy (emotion) out of the process.
        Robot is a new proprietary software tool designed to search for Forex trading opportunities. This is the only software of its kind and is revolutionizing the Forex trading industry with its amazing results. Once the criteria is met, the trader is alerted on their PC to the trade opportunity. Robot is automatically buying/selling and executing. You simply only closing position, if you want to make more money, or let do it to the system. This robot never sleeps, never takes a vacation and never asks for a raise!
Our FX Trading Robot is unique over the world
and is the leader in automated order execution systems
for the Forex Market.
        System is also depending on fundamental and technical analysis as the base of our market prediction. Our strategies are based on different  indicators and oscillators. There are few basic ideas about when to buy and when to sell. That ideas are applied to main currency pairs and different bars time frame starting from few minutes  up to one hour. All together are giving us better results, reducing risks and increasing profit potential.

FX Trading Robot will help you:

  • Remove Emotions of Fear, Greed, and Worry
  • Reduce risk and improve overall system performance
  • Execute your system the way it was designed
  • Never miss a trade again
  • Faster and more accurate trade execution                                          
  • No more waiting through non trending markets
  • Trade multiple strategies and markets
  • Trade more accurately than a team of traders
  • Takes advantage of more trading opportunities
  • Easy to use, Save time.
Be our Boss!
At Metex Investments Inc. our Money Managers take the business of managing client’s money seriously. You work hard for your money, and Metex will work hard at growing it, whether you're a first time investor or a seasoned one, Metex has the right program for you. Our goal is to return to our customers a monthly increase of 5-10% and over on their investment.

Be your own Boss!
Forex traders come to our office and start trading currencies using a computer with dealing station and robot. Traders are under broker supervision but you are making your own decisions as to when to trade, where to trade and with whom you choose to deal with.
Metex is offering free trading demonstration to all new investors.  This will give you a chance to get acclimated and see why everybody is so excited about this. After investing, min. $5000.00US, you can use 3  free trading sessions anytime you want as long as there is space available.  If for any reason you decide after your free sessions that it is not for you, you can take out your money anytime. You have lost nothing.

Also you can download

FREE  Demo for 14 days!

Downloading Process

(Please click on Robot!)

Fully automated trading system – min. investment $5,000US.

For more information please call us:  514-389-7447 or send an e-mail. 


Today traders with or without experience can benefit
from trading with the FX Trading Robot.

Print Screen for Dec. 29/2004

You can see max. 31 trades but for a period of 3 hours
  robot made 42 trades (11 are in report) with profit $1018.29US.

Report December 2004
This is the proof that we cannot change or improve
the performance of our system.  Print Screen
 is picture of screen. What you see, you can get!
NO cheating, NO gimmicks, NO fraud!

FREE trial for 14 days!


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