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Today traders with
 or without experience can benefit from trading with the
FX Trading Robot.
Products and Services

Forex  Provides an Alternative
Investment Opportunities 

Currency trading gives you, the investor, the opportunity to not be affected by a bear market.
Currency is very different from a typical investment portfolio where one might purchase stocks, bonds or real estate. In these instances you are looking for opportunities to buy at a  period low and hold, hoping that the price will increase and then sell at a higher price. In effect the typical investor will simply wait for results and hope they are favorable.
                    In currency trading you have more opportunity to control your destiny. You will control your own money and realize with your trading you are not dependent on a market direction.
                    For example, in your investment decisions in Forex you are able to deal with the dollar on both sides of the market. Consider a Sterling/US currency scenario. When you buy Sterling,  it means that you sell USD. The same holds true when you do the opposite. Selling Sterling  simply means that you bought US dollars. In other words you can start by selling a currency without first buying it. This ability to invest in both sides of the currencies gives an investor the opportunity to use the two-way market approach as an exact lucrative alternative to the  scenario described above with "wait and see" investments.
                    Currency trading gives you instant liquidity and a flexible investment strategy. Trading currency online expedites the process and increases your opportunity for successful trades.  As your knowledge of the market increases, so will your sophistication of trading and  opportunity for incredible profits. A Bear Market will no longer be a fact to consider. 
Forex is open 24 HOUR A DAY, 
Sunday 5:00pm EST to Friday 3:00pm EST
                    If you didn't know that already, just imagine the thought of being able to watch market developments and to TRADE any time day or night.  In Forex there is no need to worry about tomorrow's market opening 200 points against you -- the Dealing Desk accepts market, entry, limit and stop orders AROUND THE CLOCK via the internet or by phone to our dealing desk. When you follow global currency market fluctuations, you experience first hand how the global economic news and events are being reflected in currency price changes right in front of your eyes, often in the flash of the eye.
                    If you are at home in  Montreal, Moscow, Hong Kong,  London or in San Francisco , you can immediately place your order. If you are cruising in the Caribbean and your Internet-hooked laptop is monitoring your positions, you read the latest Tankan Report, you can get out of your Japanese Yen position right then and there if you so choose. Your transaction will be completed in seconds.  As the dawn of a new day lights up the financial markets of Japan, Interbank currency markets get a new boost from trading desks of Tokyo’s banks connected with sleepless  bank traders around the world. And off it goes. Tokyo wakes up and market activity  increases. Then Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai take over. As the business day moves over to another region of the Planet, the ones that are left behind stay alive and active  through their banks and dealers’ currency desks. At 2:00 a.m. in New York, it’s the European Continent that is entering the scene. Frankfurt joins the market. And it is still only 1:00 p.m.  in Tokyo. At 3:00 a.m. in New York, London’s huge marketplace becomes a center of the  action. And in 5 short business hours, New York’s Wall Street adds billions of dollars of business transactions to the market.
                    Still there is a weekend break. The Dealing Station closes at 3:00 p.m. EST on Friday. But with the international time zones in mind, remember that the business week begins at 7:00  p.m. EST on Sunday.
To trade online you do not need any special software. Just open an account, and with your user ID and password you can access the forex trading platform from any Windows based PC or laptop in the world that has an Internet connection! You will enjoy 3-4 point spreads in normal market conditions,  24-hour-a-day prices, news, charts, technical analysis and trading reports with instantaneous account status.
Metex  offers FREE of charge an Individual demo forex trading accounts. You will enjoy the system like a real trader without any risk or obligation. We hope that you will take this opportunity, which will enable you to learn first hand how the  market works if you have little experience in Forex. You will also learn how to operate the forex trading platform so when you open your live account you can confidently begin trading. By taking advantage of this opportunity you will learn how to operate the trading platform  while simultaneously gaining a greater understanding of the foreign currency exchange market. But the greatest appeal of this unique offer is that an individual demo-account will enable you to participate in the forex market as if you were a real trader, but without any risk!
Dealing Services 
               A. Premier Interbank Dealing for Investment Institutions
                    The Interbank forex market has been long developed through commercial and investment banks throughout the world. So what sort of a value can the dealing service possibly add to your organization's or your personal needs when investing/trading in Foreign Exchange.
Better Value, High Return, Low Risk
                    It is not only the position of the company as market maker, where the dealing department hires and grows internally the professionals of the highest rank, that makes the firm a competitor of large world banks. You get flexibility as a large retail Forex dealer. There are no restrictions on your trade size while giving you the same wholesale prices and high quality  service. The internet based dealing online Forex system is convenient, efficient and makes your dealing extremely affordable (while not compromising your style and procedures of market analysis and risk management). All these things together along with our approach and attitude towards the business creates better value for you. Forex  has helped established a strong position in changing the world of currency markets and is poised to become a leading force in the global investment industry of the 21st Century.

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