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Company Profile
Metex Investments Inc.,

Metex is an FX Introducer broker for many big companies, as a Man financial Canada, CitiGroup, Alpari (UK), etc."> with  operations in 14 countries around the world and an extensive institutional client base. With customer equity of approximately $44 Billion and over 250,000 customer accounts, these companies are committed to providing the highest quality service to clients ranging from small individual investors to some of the largest institutions in the world.  As an FX Introducer broker offering its clients the Trading station for free. Metex  is able to provide constant reliability and liquidity, and the ability to enter and exit trades regardless of the size of the transaction or market conditions.
The currency market is the largest, most liquid market in the world, offering traders numerous advantages over other markets. Individual traders, money managers, and    hedge funds quickly adopted the trading platform because of the efficiencies and cost savings offered over traditional dealing. Each year the volume traded on the FX Trading Station has doubled with more than $42 billion monthly  recorded in 2002. These companies have trading houses over the world. 
                   Man  is founded on the pillars of honesty,  efficiency, and excellence. Since its introduction to the realm of day trading activity, foreign exchange brokerages have been branded as being "shady" operations due to their young reputation and minimal regulation. However, Man, CitiGroup, etc. have made incredible steps towards running such an operation legitimately and effectively. Several entrepreneurs, all extensive foreign exchange backgrounds, came together to open a  Wall St. office in downtown Manhattan. These industry veterans longed for a legitimate retail foreign exchange dealing house that offers traders an alternative to small bucket shops and unscrupulous trading practices. Unlike many undercapitalized players in the retail foreign exchange industry who survive by chasing unqualified investors and engaging in unfair dealing practices which slant the odds of profit further away from the individual trader,Fx strives to ensure customer satisfaction. 
               Fx  provides their in-house traders with top of the line computers. Clients who trade from home or another office, or even while on vacation, using MT4 internet trading system get the same attention and service as clients trading on Forex. For the safety of the individual traders, all traders' accounts are maintained in segregated client accounts at a reputable U.S. bank and traders receive monthly statements to their home address which shows profit/loss transactions on a day to day basis. In addition, such client funds are not segregated or secured in the event of bankruptcy. Man however, ensures that all client funds of $2,500 or more are segregated and maintained at an FDIC insured bank. In addition, the clearing firms through which all trades are executed are SFA regulated, unlike American foreign exchange clearing firms which are not regulated by the SEC or the  CFTC. By creating such a resourceful and comfortable trading  room, Man  has created the optimal ambiance for traders to make clear investment decisions.
                    The firm urges all individuals interested in trading currencies in the cash market to do their homework prior to signing agreements with a firm. This includes (1) investigating the firm and making sure current traders are pleased with the way operations are run, (2) checking news and data sources for real time information, (3) confirming segregation of funds held in a major bank and not commingling moneys, and (4) testing the firm's system, charting tools, executions, etc., and feeling comfortable with its use.

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