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Every client has the ability to set their own margin requirement, providing that the margin meets FXCM’s minimums. Margin requirements start at 1% ($1000 per lot). This requirement is maintained for both intra-day trading and for positions held overnight. Based on each client's margin requirement, the FX Trading Station calculates in real-time both the  funds needed to maintain current positions (Used Margin) and the funds  available for taking new positions (Usable Margin). This information, along with Account Equity, Account Balance, and Floating P/L appears in the Account Information window. In the event that funds in the  account fall below margin requirements, open positions will be close by the dealing desk at the market price. This provides protection against  accounts falling below the account equity, particularly in a highly volatile, fast moving market. 

Clients can generate detailed account statements on demand from the FX Trading Station. The reports can contain up-to-second account information or be customized to reflect activity between any two given dates. These reports are comprehensive, including the details for each specific trade.  In order to receive a hard copy record, the client simply clicks on the print function.

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 FXCM News is available as an integrated feature on the FX Trading Station. IFR  Forex Watch, Thomson Financial’s premier institutional FX news and analysis service, provides the real-time content for FXCM NEWS. With one click of the mouse, clients can access FXCM News, no additional login is necessary. The FX NEWS window is adjustable, allowing simultaneous viewing of both live prices and real-time news. There is no cost to FXCM clients for this service.


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