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Turn $500US into $2000US every Week

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The Forex Mini Account

Account Size:  $500 minimum initial account deposit
Trading Sizes: 1 lot = 10,000  of the base currency (approximately $10,000)
Pip/Tick Value: 1 Pip =  $1 in EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD (and approximately $1 in the 14 other currency pairs)
Margin Requirement: $50 per  lot (approx. 200:1 leverage)
Spreads:  5 pips in EUR/USD and USD/JPY
Rollover/Over Night Interest: Positions held at 5:00 PM New York Time are charged $1 rollover fee per  lot.

Mini Trading Procedures:

1. Download the Mini Software (instructions below).
To download FX Trader Software, click on the following link:

 A pop-up download window will appear, check "Save this Program to disk" and click "OK". A pop-up window will appear asking you where to save the file. Save it on your "Desktop".
Once download is complete, click on "Open" (If Open is not available go to the desktop where you saved the downloaded file and double click on it).
 Follow the installation instructions on the screen.
 Once the program is fully installed, you must register in order to receive a user name and password which will enable you to use the free demo account. 

 If you need assistance, please contact us: 


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