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Forex Direct Dealer (FXDD) parent company, Compagnie Financière Tradition, has been servicing the professional institutional market for over 40 years. Tradition is the world’s third largest brokerage firm with offices in 17 countries and over 7,000 institutional clients. It acts as an intermediary for banks that trade bonds, commodities, currencies, stocks and interest rate products in the wholesale financial markets.

At FXDirectDealer, we seamlessly take inter bank liquidity and pass it onto our clients through our proprietary straight-through-processing (STP) dealing engine. By applying this business philosophy, it allows us to focus on facilitating our customers trading orders, not on depleting our customers’ trading accounts by trading against them.

FXDD Overview

FXDD offers the retail trader/investor, corporation, money manager and hedge fund a complete e-commerce solution for trading margined foreign currency at inter bank market rates.  
FXDD provides real-time margin monitoring capability in numerical and in our unique, easy-to-read graphical format.  We believe that our clients need to know exactly where they stand in real time so that educated trading decisions can be made.
FXDD is backed by Tradition, a top tier money and foreign exchange broker for the professional inter bank community.  No other electronic retail foreign exchange firm can provide such a respected bloodline.

Join the growing list of traders and money managers who are discovering the advantages of foreign exchange trading for their clients and individual trading portfolios.  We are certain that after you learn more about our product, our service, and  try our full featured demo, you will decide that FXDirectDealer is the foreign exchange execution platform for you. 

Metex Invest FX Overview

Metex Investments Inc. has developed  software, which tracks Forex currency movements and makes decisions automatically based on the market action.  A computer at the other end is doing all of the analyzing and executing, therefore taking a traders worst enemy (emotion) out of the process.

        Robot is fully automated software, it is a new proprietary software tool designed to search for Forex trading opportunities. This is the only software of its kind and is revolutionizing the Forex trading industry with its amazing results. Once the criteria is met, the trader is alerted on their PC to the trade opportunity. Robot is automatically buying/selling and executing. You can trade also manually, or let do it to the system. This robot never sleeps, never takes a vacation and never asks for a raise!

Our FX Trading Robot is unique over the world
and is the leader in automated order execution systems
for the Forex Market.

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